IdeaTek Intercom Door Entry

Maintain full control of all entrances to your facility by integrating your cloud-based phone system with IdeaTek Intercom Door Entry.

IdeaTek’s system provides simple physical access control and hands-free visitor communication at any secure entrance door or gate. Your staff can greet guests and visitors from any phone or device and permit entry with the press of a phone key.


IdeaTek Intercom Door Entry

Seamless Door Access From Your Phone

Be In Control Of Your Door Security From Anywhere

Your team can access any door from any phone, including from your VoIP phone portal. That means you are always in control – anywhere, any time – whether you have a few access points or many along with complex access rules.



Integrates intercom button with existing access control systems. This is great for schools, senior living facilities, outdoor facility entrances and other businesses.



Connected to and powered by your existing network using IP PoE, our solutions avoid complicated and time-consuming wiring to a central server — saving you material and labor costs. 


Allows 2-way intercom communication to verify access to door. Any phone or device can communicate with the door intercom, and it can be tied to ring one phone or a group of phones.



Programmable frequency will trigger unlock mechanism on any door to allow entry. Can be programmed as a button on your phone so you won’t need to remember a security combination. 


*Additional equipment may need to be provided or purchased to work with IdeaTek Intercom Door Entry.  

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