IdeaTek Phone Paging

An easy-to-use, clear, consistent paging system is an important part of business communication and can improve your internal access to employees and your external communications with customers.

IdeaTek’s VoIP-based Phone Paging system allows you to conveniently page or make announcements from your desk or mobile phone to individuals, departments, buildings, or to your entire team – even across different locations.

Broadcasting Messages Has Never Been Easier!

Easily Connect Customers and Coworkers

Whether you’re a school, healthcare center, business or manufacturer, with clear, easy-to-hear phone-to-phone and smart speaker integration across the entire office or network of buildings, no one misses important information. 

  • Make announcements from your desk phone or mobile phone.
  • Set up and modify your paging groups anywhere, anytime
  • Reach any colleague in any office location in real time
  • Easily announce to an entire team or small group of people

Access to customers and your employees is at your fingertips.

  • Page another building from your office
  • Make retail and healthcare announcements, such as store closing or the end of visiting hours.
  • Page a student to report to the office
  • Announce shift changes and breaks
  • Industries like schools can synchronize the system with IP clocks to announce class changes, recess, plus play programmed messages and WAV file tones.



Businesses can quickly and effectively alert an entire team or, just a small group. 


No complicated installation or configuration required. Can be integrated into traditional analog overhead systems already in your office — or, use it with our SIP-based products or our IP-based smart speakers.


Add-on feature allows users to schedule automated bells, tones and up to 10 prerecorded announcements.


Reach any colleague in any office location.

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