IdeaTek Bridges Digital Divide in Eureka with Significant Investment in Fiber Internet

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Residents and businesses in Eureka will soon have access to high-speed, reliable fiber-optic internet thanks to a grant awarded to IdeaTek Telcom, a Kansas-owned and Buhler-based internet provider with a mission of delivering fiber to underserved areas. 

This significant investment, fueled by an $880,000 grant from the Kansas Office of Broadband Development, will connect nearly 1,500 premises in Eureka, helping to bridge the digital divide.

Residents and businesses in Eureka have long been struggling with substandard speeds.

Fiber internet will be a game-changer for the city, said Greenwood County Commission Vice Chairman Ben Fox.

“We have been trying to arrive at a fiber-optic solution for everyone in Eureka for quite some time,” he said. “We are thrilled that IdeaTek has received a Broadband Acceleration Grant from the State of Kansas.” 

IdeaTek’s grant is part of the state’s larger efforts to provide high-speed broadband services to all Kansans. Gov. Laura Kelly announced Monday that IdeaTek was one of eight internet service providers to receive part of the $5 million in Broadband Acceleration Grants funding. IdeaTek also received funding to build fiber to western Scott County, including the small unincorporated city of Modoc. 

The grant funding for Eureka, coupled with IdeaTek’s substantial matching investment of nearly $1.9 million will bring the project total to $2.8 million.

Eureka’s Digital Future

IdeaTek’s grant application also received a $25,000 pledge from the Eureka Public Library, a testament to the transformative impact fiber internet will have on the community’s access to information and resources. Fiber internet is essential for the modern library, which is why Library Director Connie Mitchell and her board supported IdeaTek’s grant application.

“We are thrilled that our community has been chosen to receive this grant, and we are looking forward to working with IdeaTek as fiber comes to Eureka,” Mitchell said “Knowing that we will finally have fast and reliable Internet for everyday library operations and to serve the information needs of our library patrons is a huge relief. We are also excited to think about future services that may be possible with fiber. We can’t wait for the project to get started.”

IdeaTek’s Mission: Internet Freedom for All

IdeaTek’s mission is to build fiber internet to every corner of Kansas, said IdeaTek Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Daniel Friesen. Only fiber is robust enough to support the symmetrical upload and download speeds needed for remote work, education and healthcare.

“Rural Kansas has been historically left behind when it comes to fiber infrastructure development,” Friesen said. “Our mission of Internet Freedom means we believe all Kansans should have access to ultra-speed fiber broadband – no matter if you live in a city or on a rural dirt road. Our long-term goal is to provide fiber to as many residents as we can because fiber is hands down the best technology for high-speed broadband.

“Bridging the digital divide in Kansas wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the
Kansas Department of Commerce’s Office of Broadband Development,” Friesen added.

The project will begin in 2024 and will be completed in phases. Building fiber takes time, but soon residents can look forward to:

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds

  • Unlimited data

  • No throttling, interruptions or lag time

  • No annual contracts

  • Friendly, Kansas-based customer service

Based in Buhler, IdeaTek is expanding rapidly. It has built fiber to more than 60 communities across Kansas – from Garden City to Chase County. IdeaTek already has made significant private investments in southwest Kansas, including building fiber in Liberal, Dodge City, Garden City and communities across Meade County. 

To see if your home is in IdeaTek’s build and to sign up for service, visit

About IdeaTek Telcom

IdeaTek Telcom, LLC, is a Buhler, Kansas-based broadband service provider with the mission of “Fighting for Internet Freedom ™.” IdeaTek uses a unique and innovative approach to deploy scalable, long-term fiber optic infrastructures, bridging the broadband gap in rural communities. The company has already successfully built over 4,500 miles of fiber throughout Kansas. IdeaTek has long been at the forefront of broadband equity issues and is committed to enriching the communities in which they operate. They were recently named to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies for the 10th time.