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While we’re building in your community, our experienced team will handle many of the construction issues and concerns in your neighborhood. However, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your property is prepared for construction.

Private Property Access

Our franchises, which are issued by state or local government, give us the right to build our network in public rights-of-ways and easements.

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Public right of way is property dedicated to the city for public infrastructure like roadways, storm sewers, sidewalks and street lights.

The state also allows utility provider to use the public right of way for their facilities, like electricity, water, gas and internet.

Please make all Public Utility Easements accessible to our contractors. This includes your front yard, backyard and alleyways. Also, if you have a locked gate, you will need to make arrangements to give contractors access.

Note: Not all properties have utility easements in the same location.

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Marking Public Easements

Before our contractor begins working, they will call Kansas 811 (Dig Safe) to mark all public utilities.

Utility companies mark the location of utility lines up to the user’s service connection or meter but not past it. Lines beyond this point are considered to be part of the customer’s property, so they usually aren’t marked by public locating services. 

Private Utility Easements

You will need to mark all private utilities within the easement on your property. This can be done when you see public utilities being marked or flagged in your neighborhood.

Types of private utilities:

  • Lawn sprinkler systems
  • Invisible dog fences
  • Private water lines
  • Landscape lighting
  • Private electrical lines (power to outbuildings, yard/landscape lighting, etc.)

Pedestals and Vaults

Along the way, our contractors will install pedestals and vaults that serve as both splice points for taking the fibers to individual homes and access points for technicians if they need to repair or replace anything in the future. The city typically determines where to place these access points as part of the permit.


When you see our splicing technicians working, you will know that your city’s project is close to completion. If you have already signed up for our service, you will receive an email when your area is connected. Our team will reach out to schedule your install – or you can call us to ensure you get on the calendar quickly.

If you haven’t already, sign up today.

installation process

How We Install Fiber

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Engineering, easements and permits

We start by laying out the network internally, considering easements and rights-of-way for your neighborhood. Then we work with the city and county to acquire the right permits and their guidance on how they want the work done.

Experienced Contractors

IdeaTek works with experienced construction partners who specialize in the construction of fiber optic infrastructure.
Before they begin the project, our contractors will place door hangers around the neighborhood – signaling the construction process will begin in the next few days.

We will also send a letter a few weeks before we begin building, which will include the name of the contractor.
The letter will also include our contact information, pricing and information on how to mark private utilities at your residence.

We install our fiber network either by burying the fiber or hanging it on utility poles. We will send mailers to let residents know the type of construction that will occur in their area of town with a map of the construction process. Maps will also show the locations of vaults and pedestals.

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underground wiring


Land Restoration

The final step is to make sure your lawn still looks good.  Our goal is to be as minimally invasive to your property as possible during the construction process. We only work with contractors who abide by our desire to restore your property to its original condition. However, during construction, some minor tracking on lawns may occur. If major damage does occur, please contact IdeaTek as soon as possible to report the damage. For pricing and to learn more, visit


It takes several months to plan and execute a fiber build. Once construction starts, it typically takes four to six months to complete a project in its entirety.

Even under the best circumstances, sometimes elements slow us down, including supply chain issues. The weather is also out of our control. We still work outside when the weather doesn’t cooperate, but sometimes it is just impossible.

We want to make sure you are taken care of. Please call us at  855-433-2835 or email

We are always exploring where to go next. We build based on interest. Make sure to have your friends and neighbors sign up at

We will send construction letters to each residence in our build. The letters will include a map showing the locations of underground boring. Sometimes we do need to bore in aerial fiber construction areas, and we will notify you if we do so. Maps will also show locations of vaults and pedestals that are part of our construction process.

Typically, we start within a week of sending information to residents.

We recommend you mark private utilities once you get a door hanger and see public utilities being marked on the property.

Mark private utilities within your easement – or 10 feet into your property.

You can use flags, paint — anything that will show where these utilities are located.

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