What is cutting the cord?

Switch from high-cost cable/satellite plans to internet-based streaming services with the freedom to watch what you want, when you want, the way you want.

save money

How do I save money?

Streaming services offer programming at a lower price than cable or satellite services without a contract. Save hundreds by making the switch.


How do I watch?

With a one-time purchase of a streaming device and personalized streaming subscriptions, you can watch the same things you always watch – for less money – on any device.

IdeaTek’s Internet + Your Favorite TV + Saving Money


When you have fast, reliable, home internet service, you can stream all your favorite network and cable channels through your internet connection and “cut the cord” from cable or satellite TV contracts. With monthly streaming subscriptions like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and many others, you pay for only what you want – without long-term contracts – and save hundreds of dollars each year. You’re in control of your content, and you get much more – for much less.

What does IdeaTek have to do with cable TV? High-speed internet is one of the tools you’ll need for streaming. We want to help you save money! 

Our team is trained and ready to assist you with questions.

Cut the Cord Monthly Cost Comparison

Three Steps to Cutting the Cord


Get an IdeaTek
Internet Connection

Sign up for IdeaTek internet service. IdeaTek offers the fastest, most reliable, high-speed internet available with plans that allow you to stream the way you want to watch. No contracts, unlimited data, and no throttling. Learn more about residential plans to pick the best option for you, and check for service in your area.


Get an Internet Connected TV or Streaming Device*

Televisions with smart TV technology are ready to stream immediately. For older TVs you’ll need a streaming device. You also can stream through your computer, tablet or smart phone.

step2 1

Smart TVs

Own a SMART TV? You can stream right now.
You can use your TV to connect to the internet and access apps.

step2 2

Streaming Devices

No SMART TV? Connect your TV to a Streaming Device. 
If your primary TV is older, or you have multiple TVs to connect, you’ll need to use a streaming device.


Get Streaming Services*

Most stations and channels offer streaming services. You’ll find everything from your local channels and the content you already love, to new discoveries and content you wouldn’t find on a traditional TV service. Some have a monthly subscription fee, and some are free. Even with the fees, you can still choose a mix that will be much cheaper than cable. 

IdeaTek doesn’t offer streaming services, but we’ll help you figure it out. We’ve listed just a few examples to get you started. Be sure to take advantage of free trial periods and remember that you can change subscriptions every month if you want – without penalty. You’re in complete control of your content!


Live TV

What what’s on.
These services include local and network channels, live TV, and content you can watch on demand.

step2 2

On Demand

Watch what you want, when you want.
These services include movie and TV libraries along with original programming and content you won’t find anywhere else.

*IdeaTek does not offer streaming devices or services. Devices and services are available from various providers for purchase.

Still need help?

Give us a call.  Our team is trained and ready to assist you with questions to help you save money.


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