IdeaTek among 172 stakeholders urging Congress to invest in broadband

IdeaTek, along with dozens of other providers and communities across the nation, signed a letter of support June 28 urging Congress to invest in the 21st-century infrastructure and speeds necessary to close the digital divide.

The 172 signers on the bipartisan letter also included the nation’s leading consumer and public interest groups, plus advocates involved in farming, education, libraries, health and communities both large and small.

The $65 billion historic broadband infrastructure package recently introduced would address accessibility and affordability gaps. High-speed broadband is essential for Americans to telework, learn remotely, access telemedicine and connect with friends and family. Also, community anchor institutions – such as libraries, rural health clinics, community centers and houses of worship – often have trouble obtaining the high-speed service they need to bring education, information and telemedicine to the residents of their communities.

A copy of the letter and a full list of signers can be found here.


About IdeaTek

Headquartered in Buhler, Kan., Ideatek is a broadband service provider with the mission of “fighting for internet freedom.” IdeaTek uses a unique and innovative approach to deploy scalable, long-term fiber optic infrastructures, bridging the broadband gap in rural communities. IdeaTek has long been a state and national advocate for broadband equity policy and has built nearly 3,000 miles of fiber throughout Kansas. They were recently named to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies for the seventh time.