Valley Center Welcomes High-Speed Fiber Internet with IdeaTek

VALLEY CENTER, Kansas –  Valley Center Mayor Lou Cicirello’s enthusiasm is hard to miss when he talks about IdeaTek, a Kansas internet company that has brought a digital revolution to his city.

With an appreciation for high-speed internet’s critical role in his IT profession, plus his extensive background in customer service, Cicirello’s endorsement of IdeaTek’s quality work and local service support is genuine.

“From the construction process to the installation, IdeaTek has impressed me every step of the way,” Cicirello said. 

Internet Freedom has arrived in Valley Center thanks to IdeaTek’s relentless efforts. Over the summer, IdeaTek crews were hard at work, expanding its ultra-fast fiber internet to hundreds of Valley Center homes and businesses. 

The northern half of the city is already connected and ready for installations while the southern part is still under construction. By late fall, the entire city will be connected to fiber, bringing residents unlimited and uncapped speeds of up to 2.5 gigabits per second. Furthermore, IdeaTek offers the convenience of no-contract agreements, giving customers more flexibility.

IdeaTek has long been dedicated to bridging the digital divide in rural areas, but its mission extends beyond rural communities, said Daniel Friesen, IdeaTek’s co-founder and chief innovation officer.

“At IdeaTek, we believe every community and every Kansan deserves access to high-speed fiber internet, and we’re excited we are making this a reality in Valley Center,” Friesen said. “With fiber, we are providing a new foundation for innovation, creativity and progress in the age of the digital economy.”

Friesen emphasized that fiber is an investment in Kansas’ future growth. Compared to current providers, IdeaTek offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, scalable capacities for decades, enhanced reliability and better pricing. 

“We build to the standards of the future, not today,” he said. “Fiber internet is the gold standard for internet connectivity, and we want to bring this technology to as many communities as possible.”

IdeaTek has recently built fiber infrastructure in the nearby communities of Colwich, Burrton, Sedgwick, Newton, Hesston, Cheney and Halstead. The company is also currently building fiber internet to Augusta and Maize. 

For Cicirello, fiber internet is more than just faster speeds; it’s a catalyst for progress. He believes that Valley Center’s transition to fiber will not only enhance residents’ lives but also boost job opportunities, healthcare, education and the city’s overall growth in a digital economy. 

Cicirello said his previous provider left him frustrated, with lagging and throttling during peak hours, especially when students returned home from school. Competition ensures affordable rates, providing residents with uninterrupted connectivity. 

“Now I’m an IdeaTek customer, the speed and product have been phenomenal,” Cicirello said, emphasizing the symmetrical upload and download speeds that often go unnoticed but significantly impact overall bandwidth.

Another thing that sets IdeaTek apart, according to Cicirello, is its commitment to keeping promises. 

“We’ve been promised fiber before, and it didn’t happen. But IdeaTek walked the walk and did what they said they would do,” he said.

Based in Buhler, IdeaTek was founded in 1999 by Friesen and four high school friends. Today, the company employs over 140 Kansans and is continuing to grow. IdeaTek has deployed over 4,500 miles of fiber and built 150 fixed wireless towers, serving customers in nearly 90 Kansas communities. 

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About IdeaTek Telcom

IdeaTek Telcom, LLC, is a Buhler, Kansas-based broadband service provider with the mission of “Fighting for Internet Freedom ™.” IdeaTek uses a unique and innovative approach to deploy scalable, long-term fiber optic infrastructures, bridging the broadband gap in rural communities. The company has already successfully built over 4,500 miles of fiber throughout Kansas. IdeaTek has long been at the forefront of broadband equity issues and is committed to enriching the communities in which they operate. They were recently named to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies for the 10th time.

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