Giving back
because it’s right

IdeaTek takes pride in being an active participant in the communities where we live and work. We provide local support through donations, sponsorships, and volunteer opportunities. If you have a cause or a project you think we should be involved in, let us know about it by completing the online form. 

All requests must be submitted online. Our donation committee meets monthly to review requests. Priority consideration is given to our core focus areas: 
• Community Development
• Education
• Youth Development
• Technology
• Healthcare
• Causes close to our customers’ hearts

Giving Back

How We Can Help


We support a wide range of groups that meet our core focus areas, and we are always looking for new ways to support our communities. If you have a great idea, we want to know about it. 

– Submit requests at least one month in advance.


Volunteering is part of who we are. We are proud that our employees generously share their time and talents to benefit the community. 

– Requests must be for charitable causes.
– Submit requests at least three months in advance.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate & Event Sponsorships

We are all in for corporate and event sponsorships.We enjoy working side-by-side with people who work for the businesses and organizations in the communities we support.

– For event sponsorships, submit requests at least three months in advance. 
– Priority will be given to charitable organizations, community events, and causes.
– Requests from religious groups or churches will only be considered if the programs and projects benefit the broad community. 

Donation Request Form

    Organization Information

    Area of Focus

    Type of Request

    Your Request

    Yes! I have carefully reviewed the program guidelines, deadlines and general information below before applying to ensure that my organization meets the criteria.
    • Requests must serve the needs of the communities where IdeaTek operates and where our employees work and live.
    • Requests can be submitted any time online and are reviewed monthly.
    • For general donations, requests should be submitted at least a month in advance. For event sponsorships and volunteer opportunities, requests should be submitted at least three months in advance.
    • Requests should indicate a specific program, project, or campaign the funds will be used to support. Requests for general operating expenses will not be considered.
    • Requests for capital campaigns generally should not exceed 1% of the total campaign goal.
    • Requests from religious groups or churches will only be considered if the programs and projects benefit the broad community.
    • Volunteer requests must be for charitable causes.
    • No goods or services other than company recognition can be received for a grant or pledge.

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