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Internet Freedom

For Kansas Communities

In a growing digital economy, access to information is as critical to communities as roads, highways and bridges.  By investing in fiber infrastructure, Kansas communities can position themselves for economic growth and long-term success.

Fiber-based broadband is a game-changer for communities. Fiber is the gold standard for broadband investment. It lays the groundwork for economic growth. With its unmatched speed, reliability and affordability, fiber internet improves lives, creates jobs, improves health care and education and helps Kansas communities grow and thrive as part of the digital economy.

Why Investing in Fiber is the Right Choice for Your Community

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Fiber-optic infrastructure is no longer just a luxury but a necessity for building a thriving economy. Communities that have high-speed broadband access have been found to experience higher rates of job growth, improved educational outcomes and increased property values, according to recent studies.

Investing in fiber broadband is a future-proof decision for your community. Unlike other internet technologies that may become outdated over time, fiber optic infrastructure is built to last for decades, with the potential for upgrades and expansions without significant disruptions.

Speed and Reliability Matter

Set yourself up with a 100-year solution, not just a Band-Aid. In today’s world, where everything from work to entertainment is available online, a slow internet connection can be frustrating and even cost time and money. Fiber is a future-proof solution for businesses and residents.

Fiber-optic internet offers unlimited bandwidth and symmetrical speeds, which means there are no data caps, throttling, or lag time. This game-changing technology can support the latest technological advancements without costly upgrades and has the potential to last for several decades, making it a smart investment.

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Attracts and Retains Businesses

Businesses demand better internet connections. They need it. Connectivity is essential to stay ahead of the competition. There’s no room for narrow bandwidth or hours spent offline due to buffering and stalling. Slow internet speeds and connectivity issues can bog down productivity and cost a company revenue.

Fiber offers faster and more reliable internet connections than other traditional methods like copper cable or DSL. With fiber, upload and download speeds are the same, which is essential for businesses that require large amounts of data transfer. Businesses can operate smoothly — even with multiple employees online simultaneously sharing files, accessing cloud servers and conducting video conferences.

Moreover, when businesses are looking for a new location, one of the essential factors they consider is the availability of high-speed internet. Communities with a fiber-optic network won’t get left behind.

Fiber has fast become a critical economic enabler for Westfield, Massachusetts. A recent study by Futuriom Research showed the community realized more than $88 million annually in job-related benefits attributed to its fiber broadband network.

Attracts and Retains Residents

Gigabit infrastructure is no longer a luxury but a necessity for Kansas communities. With the internet rapidly becoming the backbone of society, residents rely on it more and more for everyday activities.

For those who want to move to the heartland but need a reliable internet connection for their job, fiber is a significant draw. Fiber internet allows employees to work from anywhere – especially as more employers start operating out of cloud-based networks.

Access to fiber also enables faster and more convenient access to essential services like e-commerce, telehealth and remote learning.

Community Cost savings

Studies have shown that communities with fiber broadband can realize significant cost savings in areas such as electricity, resulting in lower utility bills for residents and businesses. These savings can add up over time, creating long-term benefits for communities.

For example, a 2020 study by a professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga analyzed the benefits of fiber in Hamilton County, Tennessee. The study found that the community realized an annual cost savings of $144 million, or $930 per household over 10 years.

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Why Fiber

It’s the Fastest

Faster than any other technology.

It’s Symmetrical

Unlike other technologies, fiber offers symmetrical upload and download speeds. Upload speeds give users a better experience when video conferencing, streaming and gaming. File uploads and VPNs also perform better on symmetrical networks.

It’s Future-proof and sustainable

Fiber means building for the future.

It’s a better investment

Investing in fiber means we’ll be funding a solution that will take us at least 50 years into the future.

It’s reliable

Fiber-optic cables are not susceptible to electromagnetic interferences common in copper cables because fiber’s glass core conducts light, not electricity. Also, unlike cable and other technologies, fiber is not affected by slowdowns during peak usage or data caps.

Benefits of Fiber to Kansas Communities

Economic Impacts

  • Allows residents the opportunity to work from home and seek out remote job opportunities.
  • Provides businesses with an opportunity to compete in the global economy
  • Helps communities not only retain current businesses but also attract new ones
  • Allows farmers and ranchers to remotely manage and monitor crops and livestock. It’s also a critical pathway to global markets for agriculture and other industries.
  • Increases home values in the community

Quality of life Impacts

Access to reliable, high-speed fiber internet allows residents to:
  • Stayed informed and entertained with a myriad online and streaming services
  • Power multiple smart devices at once, including televisions, security cameras and computers.
  • See a medical professional without ever leaving home
  • Feel less isolated by connecting with family and friends via social media and video chats

Frequently Asked Questions

Although fiber has high upfront costs, it provides a long-term solution instead of continued investment in yesterday’s substandard technology, which can require costly upkeep and maintenance.

Investment in fiber ensures a 50-year scalable solution for Kansas communities.

Community vitality and education depend on broadband access to keep pace with the rest of the country. Fiber-based broadband lays the groundwork for economic opportunities. High-speed internet availability also attracts residents because they can live and work from anywhere.

Beyond work and learning, broadband is quickly becoming a must-have for businesses and industries, giving them a critical pathway to global markets, cloud-based file sharing and video conferencing.

Rural Kansans are also increasingly relying on broadband for access to medical services through telehealth. This allows convenient access to doctors and specialists to even the most remote Kansans.

Fiber is the standard. Fiber offers speeds from 1,000-10,000 Mbps.

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