Your Guide to Your Upcoming IdeaTek Internet Installation

Thank you for scheduling your IdeaTek internet installation. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. Below we have provided all the information you will need to make the most of your IdeaTek experience.


A few things to remember regarding our scheduled visit:

  • Adult present: An adult 18 years or older must be present during the installation.
  • Hold off disconnecting from your current provider: Wait until our technician completes the installation at your home before contacting your current provider.
  • Secure pets: While we are installing your services, please keep your pets secure.
  • Afternoon appointments: For appointments scheduled in the afternoon, be aware that your technician’s arrival time might be delayed depending on the completion time of the previous
  • Using your own equipment:  If you plan to use your own router with our service, please make sure it’s readily available for the technician to connect during the installation.
  • Billing: Check your email for more information on how to set up auto-pay and login to our E-Care portal. 
  • Equipment Location: Think about where you might like the equipment installed, but stay open to suggestions from our fiber technician.
  • By accepting service, you agree to be bound by our terms of service and service policies found here. 


Once our technicians arrive, installation takes about three hours to complete. We will run a fiber cable inside your house and connect it to a small box near your router. During this process, our team takes great care to place the equipment neatly in your home. When finished, they’ll test the connection on a few devices to ensure you’re getting the best speeds possible!

Call us at 620-543-5555 or email Our local customer service team can help reschedule your appointment to a time convenient for you.

During the in-home install, an IdeaTek technician will run a fiber cable inside your house and connect it to a small box located near your router known as the Optical Network Terminal, or ONT for short. This allows us to deliver service to your home.

A typical install takes about three hours.

The process of installing our next-generation fiber-optic internet involves burying a fiber line to bring the service into your home. You might notice a small black line in your yard; this is your dedicated fiber line. Following your installation, the IdeaTek bury team will be responsible for burying your line.

Utilities in the area must be identified before the line can be buried. We work hard to ensure this is done timely, and we appreciate your patience during this process. Our bury team will contact DigSafe to get information on existing underground cables, pipes and sewer lines so that nothing gets damaged during the drop-bury process.

Under normal conditions, your line will be buried three to four weeks following the installation. However, situations can arise and delay the project, the most common issue being weather.

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