Who is IdeaTek?

IdeaTek is an internet service provider headquartered in Buhler, Kansas. We have been specializing in fiber optic deployment to rural areas for over a decade.


What is your service area?

To see if IdeaTek serves your home or business, enter your address here.


How were the service areas selected? 

IdeaTek was awarded grants through the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Connectivity Emergency Response Grant, which they received from the federal CARES funding. We were awarded funds to bring severely underserved areas fiber or wireless that must be in place by the end of this year. IdeaTek was awarded grants through a competitive application process to bring high quality broadband to underserved areas of the state. These projects are part of the Kansas Department of Commerce Connectivity Emergency Response Grant (CERG) program, funded by federal CARES dollars and must be completed by December 30, 2020.


What type of service do you offer at what price?

IdeaTek is known for our high-speed gigabit fiber internet, and we’ve recently expanded our service options to include wireless internet. The wireless internet product is called AirLight, and unlike similar options from our competitors, we offer download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Learn more about our pricing and speed options here.


How does the AirLight wireless product work?

IdeaTek’s AirLight product is a fixed wireless internet solution, meaning we beam a wireless signal from a tower or a grain elevator to your home. Our service typically includes a small antenna installed on the outside of your home or business. Unlike our competitors’ wireless products, AirLight is not affected by rain or other precipitation. We’ve deployed this product to customers in Western Kansas with great reviews. 

Airlight graphic

When can I expect service at my home or business?

We received the funding that made this project possible in early October 2020, and everything is being build from the ground up. We expect service to be
available by the beginning of 2021, but hook-ups may take a few months depending on demand.

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