Underground Construction - Detailed

The steps in our underground construction process are listed below: 

  • Kansas811 Utility Locates. Before construction begins, our construction partner will submit a request for existing underground utility locates through Kansas 811. This will be a phased process that takes place block by block throughout the duration of the project. The affected utility companies will either locate their own underground utilities or employ a third-party locating service to complete the utility locates. As part of this process, access to public utility easements will be required. This includes both front yards and backyards. Please do your part to make sure that your gates are unlocked and backyards are accessible so locates can be completed efficiently within the public utility easements. Flags and paint will be used as markings. Please do not disturb these markings. They are vital to avoiding damage and to the success of the project. 

  • Private Utilities. These utilities will not be identified by Kansas 811, public utility companies or third-party locating services. Each homeowner is responsible for completing private utility locates within the utility easements to avoid potential damage. If private utility locates are not completed, any associated costs to repair the damage will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner. This includes but is not limited to any of the following: lawn sprinkler mains, lawn sprinkler branch lines, lawn sprinkler heads, lawn sprinkler control wiring, underground downspouts/storm drainage piping systems, pool pump/supply piping, pool pump electrical/control wiring, water feature supply piping, water feature electrical/control wiring, private natural gas/lp gas supply lines, private underground electrical, landscape lighting electrical, yard light electrical, private sanitary sewer lines, private water supply lines, underground security system wiring & invisible dog fence wiring. 

  • Construction. Our construction partner will perform the construction work in your neighborhood. Once utility locates are complete, they will mobilize with directional boring machines, mini excavators, cable reels and reels of orange duct. They will install pedestals and underground vaults at the general locations referenced on the attached map. Duct for fiber-optic cable will be directionally bored underground at the locations referenced by blue lines. Please note that the locations are general in nature and, for example, could be on one side of a fence line or another depending on existing underground utilities or other obstructions. There will be some locations where they will need to gain access to your backyard with this equipment. They will take care to not damage lawns and landscaping where this equipment is needed. Some minor tracking on lawns may occur. If major damage does occur please contact IdeaTek at 855-433-2835 as soon as possible to report the damage. 

    Also, crews with bucket trucks will need access to utility poles, which can be located in backyards and alleyways. They will be climbing poles to install fiber to each premise. Tree trimming may occur in locations where trees are overgrown around power lines.

  • Installation. Once construction is complete, our sales team will schedule installations for internet subscribers. This will involve a drop-bury process that will be described further at the time of installation.


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