Enhanced 911 Services Notice/Disclosure

Enhanced 911 – also known as E911 – is a mandatory component of IdeaTek Voice Service. E911 enables customers to communicate with emergency services by dialing 911.

How it Works
E911 is the enhanced version of 911 services. E911 service automatically sends the location and the phone number to emergency services personnel. This feature ensures that every IdeaTek Voice line automatically provides the subscriber’s address and telephone number to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point, or PSAP. For more information regarding E911, visit the FCC website at www.fcc.gov/911/enhanced/releases.html.

You do not have to do anything differently to use E911; the number for dialing emergency services is still the same: 9-1-1.
IdeaTek provides E911 in all areas where E911 is available.

Registered Location
All customers are required to register the physical service location with IdeaTek and will be done at the time of service installation. (Please note: post office boxes, mail drops or similar addresses are not allowed.)

Customers must ensure the physical address is correct and update it immediately whenever the location of services changes. Any location information passed to emergency personnel by IdeaTek will be based upon the physical location information provided by the customer.
Also, please note that any caller using the service from any location outside the United States and Canada will be unable to use or access E911 Service or place any E911 emergency calls.

Warning labels
IdeaTek will provide customers with warning labels regarding the limitations or unavailability of 911 emergency dialing. Customers must agree to place a label on or near each telephone or other customer equipment on which the services may be utilized in a clearly visible location to potential users.

This is a VoIP phone service. E911 Service may be limited or unavailable under the following circumstances, including but not limited to the following:
*Your electrical power is disrupted
*Your broadband/internet connection has failed or is disconnected
*You have relocated your handset and the current location is not registered with IdeaTek

It is IMPERATIVE that you contact IdeaTek before moving this phone to another location to avoid disruption to 911 emergency services. Call 855-433-2835 BEFORE moving. If you are unable to complete a 911 call, please use the emergency phone nearest you.

Power Outages and E911
A power outage in either the network or in your home could affect your ability to dial 911. A battery backup can be installed for your Ideatek Voice modem to provide additional hours of service during a power outage.

Operating Tips for E911
If the modem is moved to another address without notifying IdeaTek, your services send the incorrect address to the 911 system.

IdeaTek must be notified within two days in the event of an address change to ensure the correct address is sent to the E911 system.

In the event of a power outage, a battery backup may provide up to 24 hours of 911 standby service or 12 hours of talk-time protection. Please note: A battery is not included with a telephone modem and if a battery backup is wanted, you may contact Ideatek and we can assist you in locating a solution.



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