Why Fiber

The fiber optic signal is made of light which entails very little signal loss meaning data moves at a higher speed over a greater distance. Our fiber installation ensures you’re getting reliably fast Internet  — up to 2.5 gigabit — even during peak times. Fiber allows you to upload just as fast as you download. Bad weather doesn’t affect fiber because the core is glass making it immune to interference. Additionally, fiber makes your data safer since it’s incredibly difficult to tap into compared to copper cable.

Real fast. We deliver internet speeds up to 2.5 Gigabits per second, or 2,500 Megabits. It’s a speed a 1,000 times faster than most internet offered in the United States.

Gigabit internet gives you access to extremely fast data transfer speeds, no limit on capacity and no competition for your bandwidth. You can operate multiple devices at the same time without the ups and downs you experience with slower internet service. Stream video without buffering. Work from home. Take online classes. Make full use of cloud computing. Participate in high-definition teleconferencing. Video conference without freezing. Learn more about our residential services at ideatek.com/residential.

Fiber-optic technology is currently the fastest, most reliable internet service available. The other guys are providing internet over copper cables or by satellite. This comes with all the downfalls of outdated technology, significant speed decreases, service blips and an unreliable connection.

In addition to the superior service experience of our fiber connection, we back it up with dedicated and knowledgeable local support – right down the road in Buhler, Kansas.

Fiber optic technology is the most future-proof solution for communities as it ensures reliable and high-speed internet for years to come. Unlike other options, fiber connections offer symmetrical upload and download speed, do not have data caps or throttling, and it offers minimal latency. This means that users can enjoy uninterrupted and fast internet access without experiencing delays or limitations on their data usage. Fiber is a long-term investment that provides communities with a reliable and sustainable internet infrastructure.

Nope! With fiber, the sky’s the limit on data. Plus, with a dedicated line, you won’t experience throttling during peak usage.


We install a CPE (Customer Premise Equipment), which is about the size of a typical cable modem. We mount this on your wall near a power outlet, typically in the basement or first floor of your home. If you subscribe to our Premium WiFi, we’ll also install an AP (Access Point). This small circular device should be mounted at a high point in the house, centrally located for the best coverage.

Fiber installation to your home will be either underground or aerial, usually following the same route as existing telephone or television cabling. Next, fiber is run from the pedestal in your neighborhood easement and installed on the side of your house within a small fiber interface box.

When we bring the fiber optic cable into your home, our technicians will try to make use of existing holes (perhaps made by previous providers to pull in their cable). If any drilling is required we’ll speak with you to ensure your approval of the location and necessary construction.

Throughout the process we will keep you informed and respond to questions while respecting your privacy and property.

Generally 3-4 hours, depending on where we install your equipment. Once you express interest in having our service, a member of our sales team will contact you to set up a convenient appointment time between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Our trained team of underground technicians will come by within two or three weeks to bury your fiber line. If it is not buried promptly, please give us a call at 620-543-5555 or email help@ideatek.com.


While it is possible to utilize your personal router, we highly recommend our Freedom Wi-Fi service. By subscribing to our Freedom Wi-Fi alongside our internet package, we will supply you with all the necessary equipment to ensure optimal speeds.

With our Freedom Wi-Fi™ powered by Plume, you can enjoy consistent Wi-Fi speeds throughout your entire household, while receiving comprehensive support for all aspects of your home network. At the heart of this system is a reliable, state-of-the-art Wi-Fi connection, made possible through adaptive, cloud-controlled technology. Additionally, you will benefit from user-friendly management of individuals and device access, cutting-edge AI-powered security measures and enhanced data visibility and protection.

In the event that you choose to use your own router, please ensure that it is capable of accommodating the speeds you are currently receiving.

The actual speed you experience on your computer can be influenced by various factors, including the quality of your equipment, whether you’re connected wirelessly or via a wired connection, and the number of devices you have in operation. Rest assured, we strive to deliver the fastest and most superior internet experience available.

You’ll always experience the fastest speeds through a hard wire connection. Your wireless internet speed will be slower, and can vary depending on the type of lighting in your home, phones using wireless signals, the number of devices you’re using at the same time and other factors. 

We do not offer a TV product. However, high-speed internet is one of the tools you’ll need for streaming. With monthly streaming subscriptions like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and many others, you pay for only what you want – without long-term contracts – and save hundreds of dollars each year. You’re in control of your content, and you get much more – for much less. Learn more.

Yes! Our phone service is available for only $25 per line, and includes unlimited long distance, call waiting and a variety of other features. We also offer business lines, including toll-free service, and you can keep the number you have if you switch to IdeaTek.

Nope! We do not require a contract. You can cancel any time.

Nope! Fiber optic internet is an independent service that can be installed without the need for a traditional landline phone connection.

Larger homes may experience loss of signal the further your devices travel from your router. During installation, our techs may recommend a Wi-Fi extender to make sure all our devices are connecting properly.

The Wi-Fi extender doubles the benefits of your router by expanding your wireless coverage and increasing the number of devices you can hook up at one time. Eliminate wireless dead spots, extend your wireless range to the corner bedroom in the basement or the garage or back patio and enjoy twice the fiber benefit from IdeaTek.

Please note, our Wi-Fi Extender is only available to customers utilizing IdeaTek’s Freedom Wi-Fi. If you choose to use your own equipment, we cannot support  non IdeaTek equipment.

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Headquartered in Buhler, Kan., Ideatek is a broadband service provider with the mission of “fighting for INTERNET FREEDOM™.” IdeaTek uses a unique and innovative approach to deploy scalable, long-term fiber optic infrastructures, bridging the broadband gap in rural communities. IdeaTek has long been a state and national advocate for broadband equity policy and has built nearly 4,500 miles of fiber throughout Kansas. They were recently named to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies for the seventh time.

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